In the Vavilon Translations agency, the translating process is one of the three activities we perform in order to meet the demands of our dear clients (besides translating with the certification of the sworn-in court interpreters and proofreading). In accordance with our business policy, the Vavilon Translations agency offers services of translating to both physical persons and legal entities, whether it is general or narrowly professional documentation. The Vavilon Translations agency has a team of top-class translators who equally professionally love to translate all types of documents. Selection of our staff was performed on the grounds of their education level, professional experience, expertise level and abilities of the translator i.e. interpreter. All the members of our team have University degrees for the language(s) to and from which they translate. Besides the long-term acquisition of knowledge in various professional fields, a high-quality translator also possesses a high self-awareness and knowledge of setbacks and benefits of the translation profession as well as the ability to use the know-how during translation of specific i.e. narrowly specialised types of documents.

What is translating:

Translating in the widest sense signifies the transmission of a sensible content from one expressive medium into another. Translators, interpreters, code of parallel symbols, specific devices or software are being used to this purpose. Generally, translation is a process of transfer of words and text from one language to another. The translated text is called the translation. The translating process as such is intellectually extremely demanding work which requires from the translator plenty of concentration and professional knowledge related to the field of the subject that is being translated. The translation process is preceded by an insight into the matter and relevant literature. In the process of translation, we have a difference between the “literal” translation – where efforts are focused at retaining as much as possible of the formal structure of the original text. “Free” translating is the one where the efforts are focused on keeping the “spirit” of the original wording.

Manners of translating process are the following ones:

  1. a)     Written translating means translation of physical documents (in printed or electronic form). In both cases, the translator most frequently gets the material in the electronic form, and then processes it on his computer. Besides the online translator, there are also agencies that make automatic professional translations such as our agency – the Vavilon Translations.
  2. b)     Oral translating (interpreting) is divided into simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous translating represents a complex process during which we have a parallel development of several different activities (listening – content analysis – anticipation of what is not spoken out yet – translation to the target language – speech).

Simultaneous translation requires a high degree of concentration/focus of the translator. For a long-lasting all-day translating from one foreign language to another, it is necessary to engage 2 simultaneous translators who can change during work thus managing to maintain the focus/concentration at the highest level.

Consecutive translation means translating without the use of devices (technical devices) for simultaneous translation i.e., it is the type of translation performed when the speaker finishes with the speech entirely, or in shorter parts (in case of demanding topics). In translations of longer parts, the technique of taking notes is used as a support to memorising. Considering that consecutive translation is more time-consuming, this technique of translating is more suitable for translations of round tables within smaller working groups and alike.

Arranging/scheduling of oral translations:

The Vavilon Translations agency strives towards arranging the oral translations at least a week prior to the translating process; also, it is necessary to enclose the conditions, characteristics and other information regarding the event, along with documentation related to the topics of the talks to be conducted for the purpose of the translation process.

The Vavilon Translations agency provides translators for the following languages:

  • Translator for the English language;
  • Translator for the German language;
  • Translator for the Spanish language;
  • Translator for the French language;
  • Translator for the Greek language;
  • Translator for the Slovenian language;svet
  • Translator for the Bulgarian language;
  • Translator for the Macedonian language;
  • Translator for the Hungarian language;
  • Translator for the Romanian language;
  • Translator for the Portuguese language;
  • Translator for the Italian language;
  • Translator for the Croatian language;
  • Translator for the Russian language;
  • Translator for the Slovak language;
  • Translator for the Czech language;
  • Translator for the Swedish language;
  • Translator for the Polish language;
  • Translator for the Turkish language;
  • Translator for the Dutch language.