The Vavilon Translations agency provides various services in order to enable our clients to minimise the problematic of the translating process.

Activities of the Vavilon Translations agency are the following:

  1. Translating
  2. a) Written translations of standard and narrowly professional documentation;
  3. b) Oral i.e. simultaneous and consecutive translating.
  4. Translations with the certificate of the sworn-in court interpreter;
  5. Proof-reading.

Services of the Vavilon Translations agency:

  • Written translations of personal/legal documentation, standard/narrowly professional terminology for physical persons without certification of the sworn-in court interpreter.
  • Written translations of personal/legal documentation, standard/narrowly professional terminology for physical persons with certification of the sworn-in court interpreter.
  • Written translations of personal/legal documentation, standard/narrowly professional terminology for legal entities without certification of the sworn-in court interpreter.
  • Written translations of personal/legal documentation, standard/narrowly professional terminology for legal entities with certification of the sworn-in court interpreter.
  • Oral translating (simultaneous and consecutive).
  • Oral interpretation.
  1. Translating prevodilačka agencija

Translating in the widest sense signifies the transmission of a sensible content from one expressive medium into another. Translators, interpreters, code of parallel symbols, specific devices or software are being used to this purpose. Generally, translation is a process of transfer of words and text from one language to another. The translated text is called the translation. The translating process as such is intellectually extremely demanding work which requires from the translator plenty of concentration and professional knowledge related to the field of the subject that is being translated. The translation process is preceded by an insight into the matter and relevant literature. In the process of translation, we have a difference between the “literal” translation – where efforts are focused at retaining as much as possible of the formal structure of the original text. “Free” translating is the one where the efforts are focused on keeping the “spirit” of the original wording.

Manners of translating process are the following ones:

  1. a)     Written translating means translation of physical documents (in printed or electronic form). In both cases, the translator most frequently gets the material in the electronic form, and then processes it on his computer. Besides the online translator, there are also agencies that make automatic professional translations such as our agency – the Vavilon Translations.
  2. b)     Oral translating (interpreting) is divided into simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous translating represents a complex process during which we have a parallel development of several different activities (listening – content analysis – anticipation of what is not spoken out yet – translation to the target language – speech).prevodilačka agencija

Simultaneous translation requires a high degree of concentration/focus of the translator. For a long-lasting all-day translating from one foreign language to another, it is necessary to engage 2 simultaneous translators who can change during work thus managing to maintain the focus/concentration at the highest level.

Consecutive translation means translating without the use of devices (technical devices) for simultaneous translation i.e., it is the type of translation performed when the speaker finishes with the speech entirely, or in shorter parts (in case of demanding topics). In translations of longer parts, the technique of taking notes is used as a support to memorising. Considering that consecutive translation is more time-consuming, this technique of translating is more suitable for translations of round tables within smaller working groups and alike.

Arranging/scheduling of oral translations:

The Vavilon Translations agency strives towards arranging the oral translations at least a week prior to the translating process; also, it is necessary to enclose the conditions, characteristics and other information regarding the event, along with documentation related to the topics of the talks to be conducted for the purpose of the translation process.

  1. Translating with the certification of the sworn-in court interpreterprevodilačka agencija

The sworn-in court interpreter i.e. the court interpreter is a person authorised by the court to issue certified translation of documents and who by his/her signature and stamp provides a guarantee that the translation is true to the original. Their role is necessary in the public state institutions (courts, Ministries, health institutions, faculties, Ministries of Interior Affairs, etc.).

Validity of certified translations:

Validity of the processed document is realised, besides the stamp and the signature of the interpreter, also by binding of the original or a certified copy with the translation by a security cord/red tape in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Depending on the state to which it is to be sent, the document sometimes also needs to have the Hague Apostille. The information whether the client’s document requires the Apostille stamp prior to the translation or after it, the client may obtain by contacting the number 011/655-3724 (Belgrade – 42-a, Blvd Nikole Tesle), or by contacting the court in the city of the client’s residence. Also, in order for the agency to provide the full legal validity of the documentation, the ordering party should submit/deliver to the agency the original document to be translated or a certified copy in order to have the documents bounded and prepared for sending.

Documents we translate:

Personal documents with certification of a sworn-in court interpreter: prevodilačka agencija

  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates;
  • Diplomas/Degree certificates;
  • Certificates on completed elementary/high school education;
  • Employment record/employment booklet;
  • Health insurance cards;
  • Transcripts of academic records;
  • Statements;
  • Certificates (on residence address, certificate of no criminal conviction, residence stay, income)
  • Certificate (on health condition, residence income, graduation, on full-time college studying, completed years of studying, etc.);
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Working permits;
  • Certificate on the bank state of accounts;
  • Medical history;
  • Other personal documents;

Legal and court documents with the certificate of the sworn-in court interpreter: prevodilačka agencija

  • Decisions;
  • Protocols/minutes/records;
  • Contracts;
  • Rulebooks;
  • Reports;
  • Apostilles;
  • Laws;
  • Other legal and court documentation.

Documentation of legal entities with the certificate of the sworn-in court interpreter: prevodilačka agencija

  • Purchase/sale contracts/agreements;
  • Tender/bidding documentation;
  • Documentation with offers/bids;
  • Written declarations;
  • Invoices;
  • Certificates;
  • Statutes;
  • Annexes;
  • Balance sheets;
  • Reports (stock-exchange, financial, auditing, etc.);
  • Outline from the business entities register of the Business Registers Agency;
  • Articles/Memorandum of Association;
  • Patents;
  • Contracts on sale of goods and services;
  • Other documentation of legal entities.

Technical documentation with the certificate of the sworn-in court interpreter:prevodilačka agencija

  • Laboratory examinations of samples;
  • Attestations;
  • Certificates (on examination of the products’ quality, on technical specifications of a product);
  • Translation of Safety Data Sheets;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Other technical documentation.

Medical and pharmaceutical documentation with the certificate of the authorised sworn-in court interpreter:prevodilačka agencija

  • Medical products;
  • Translations of pharmaceutical products’’ specifications;
  • Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC);
  • Researches;
  • Other medical and pharmaceutical documentation.

The Vavilon Translations agency provides oral translations for the following: prevodilačka agencija

  • Business meetings;
  • Seminars of various professional fields;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Lectures;
  • Business and friendly meetings;
  1. Proofreading 

Proofreading of the text is a procedure of careful reading, identifying and removal of all types of style, grammar and orthographic errors/mistakes in the text and synchronisation of terminology in the text. It is performed by experts and professors of the relevant language who are excellent connoisseurs of grammar, orthography and language structure and norms of the language style. Proofreading of a text is mandatory and is ordered for all materials intended for publishing and business and official communication.

Proof-readers of the Vavilon Translations agency are experts for all types of texts in Serbian and foreign languages in the fields of business, legal, medical, scientific, technical, IT, marketing, financial and other topics as well as in the area of fine literature texts. Along with the proofreading, we also perform correction/page proofs where typographic, technical, orthographic, grammar, punctuation, and other errors are being removed.prevodilačka agencija