Languages of the Internet

One of the interesting ways to study global languages development is to analyse their use on the internet.  Web site collects information from various sources to create a list of languages used most in the internet according to the number of their users.

  1. English (27.3%)
  2. Chinese (22.6%)
  3. Spanish (7.8%)
  4. Japanese (5.3%)
  5. Portuguese (4.3%)
  6. German (4.0%)
  7. Arabic (3.3%)
  8. French (3.2%)
  9. Russian (2.5%)
  10. Korean (2.1%)

This list is based on the internet navigation by country, and it seems that it adds a large piece of the cake to the English users because many people use English as a second language only, but use it on the internet for search purposes.