Languages with the largest number of speakers

We have taken over the table of languages with the largest number of speakers from the web site of the best known world encyclopaedia It is quite interesting in our opinion that the Indo-European languages (Serbian belonging to this family as well) take up a significant percentage on the list.



Language  Number of speakers
(in million)
Percentage of global populationLanguage family
Mandarin84512.4Sino-Tibetan (Chinese)
Spanish  3294.8Indo-European (Italic)
English  3284.8Indo-European (Germanic)
Arabic  2213.3Afro-Asian (Semitic)
Hindi*1822.7Indo-European (Indo-Arian)
Bengali1812.7Indo-European (Indo-Arian)
Portuguese 1782.6Indo-European (Italic)
Russian  1442.1Indo-European (Slavic)
Japanese1221.8Isolated language
Punjabi911.3Indo-European (Indo-Arian)
German  901.3Indo-European (Germanic)
Javanese851.2Austronesian (Malay-Polynesian)
Vu771.1Sino-Tibetan (Chinese)
Vietnamese  691.0Mon-Khmer (Vietic)
Marati681.0Indo-European (Indo-Arian)
French 681.0Indo-European (Italic)
Korean 661.0Isolated language
Italian 620.9Indo-European (Italic)
Urdu*610.9Indo-European (Indo-Arian)